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Experimenting with our Mushroom Kits (13-79)

Our mushroom kits can be used in different ways to perform experiments. The Portabella, White Button, Oyster and a few other mushroom kits may be subdivided into smaller sizes or placed into clear containers to fruit. (Note: Shiitake kits should be left as they are and not altered in any way - if available.)

Transplanting your Kit

The contents of the mushroom kit can be transferred to a different container for fruiting purposes. These containers can be aquariums, clear plastic animal cages, and even soda bottles with the tops cut away. Growing the mushrooms in this fashion can give a person a better understanding of how mushroom grow. It is generally better to keep the container size ½ gallon or larger to maintain enough growing medium to fruit mushrooms. If you are not going to do an experiment, we recommend you leave the mushroom kit in its’ original container to grow.

If the mushroom kit is divided into smaller containers, such as soda bottles, then any casing that comes with the kit must also be divided.

Enjoy growing and experimenting with your mushroom kit.

Possible experiments to try: 

  1. Split kit into soda bottles
  2. Transfer kit into an aquarium
  3. Use oyster dowel spawn in a coke bottle filled with sawdust
  4. Use oyster spawn in a newspaper